" /> How did this happen?
How did this happen?

We talked a lot today

Particularly about sex :)

Funny how comfortable we are about it together… Wonder if my cute outfit had anything do to with that conversation topic today haha

I wanna kiss him already

I think this is a good thing?

Lately he’s been announcing to me when he goes to the bathroom

He used to just leave for a bit but now he’ll walk to me and let me know how he’ll be right back or is going to the bathroom

And I’ll just nod and say okay

have fun in there!

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[writes paper] this doesnt make any sense [prints it] [doesn’t proofread] [hands it in for a grade]



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It’s the art show and usually M never goes, but because I’m all into art he told me we’re going every period!! :)

That means I’m going to be walking around with him for hours looking at art and eating together outside at the food trucks. 

I was in the art show last year and it was one of my fondest memories with him (I’ll write about it later) and he had brought his wife to walk around 

but this time he’s gonna be walking around with me all day can I get a hell yeah??

the best part is Im dressing super cute with a black skirt and white top and heels and it just makes me really happy this week because the first thing M said when I walked in today was, “What? You’re not dressed up today?” and he looked so disappointed so I told I would make sure to dress up tomorrow it’s gonna be amazing!! :)

clearacrosstime sent:

Okay wait, I found you on my list of followers and pressed that button. But yeah, your blog has no grey links in the top right corner like most blogs do... not sure if you knew that or not.

agghh!! Thanks for finding away around that, but I will definitely look into that :( 

I actually gain several followers a day so Im curious as to how they’re going about that???

If you anyone could do me the favor of checking my blog to see if there’s a follow button or not just that be great. 

Im still trying to figure out how to show the pause and play button for the music too aughhh I might have to start over with my theme sigh. 

clearacrosstime sent:

I want to follow you back but for some reason the follow button isn't on your blog o.o'

looks like you found a way, thanks for the follow! :)

Anonymous sent:

She's just a jealous bitch :p I'm sure M adores you.


omg I was watching her leave (she was so fucking slow omg)

and I opened this message and I lauGHED SO HARD M actually turned around and looked at me so thank you very much ;)

that made my day